Friday, November 15, 2013

The Shamanic Powers of Paradise

Most come to the Hawaiian Islands for retreat, relaxation and rejuvenation.  The water, valleys, waterfalls and immaculate landscape call many for “the perfect getaway into Heaven.”  What many don’t look into when visiting Hawaii is the magical depth that comes with being in paradise.  The power that places such as Maui hold allow those with a higher destination to experience complete awakening. 

In Shamanism, there is the ability to travel between realms and dimensions.  It is a gateway that offers exploration of the spirit.  In Hawaii, these explorations are even more open and accessible to those who want to move into a deeper understanding of themselves, angelic realms, light dimensions of the Divine and which desire to move into the gateways of beauty existing in the universe. 

Of course, Shamanic wisdom isn’t required to feel the complete shifts and transitions that are located on the Hawaiian Islands.  Those who visit with the intention of spiritual exploration are met by the spirit of the islands with what they need in their soul journey and destination.  It is this meeting point that creates the magic.  Whatever your need, desire or intention, you are able to ask and receive as a part of the journey into paradise. 

The Magnetic Work of the Islands

The islands are used for different purposes for those that are awakened or attuned at any level.  Many refer to the Hawaiian Islands as the seven chakras.  Visiting different points opens the gateways to the chakra that needs clearing, energetic shifts or transformation.  You can be aware or unaware of this as it is happening.  More important, it allows you to receive information at the points so you can further accelerate your evolution at this particular time. 

The chakras that offer energy shifts are also known for carrying specialized energetic vortexes throughout each island.  The energy will move in different formations, such as upward or downward spirals.  Some energy carries from the Earth while others carry from the heavens.  The different ways in which they move transfers and aligns your energy to specific frequencies through their patterns and movements.  This helps you to manifest, change, clear, balance or transform into anything that you desire within the moment. 

The realms and dimensions of the Hawaiian Islands are powerful for transformation and growth at any level.  Even more, they can be used to reach your highest destiny.  In my personal shamanic practices, I have been able to explore many realms and dimensions of truth.  What I have found is that the power of the islands offers this and more. It offers a link to Source / The Divine in a way that no other place on Earth can.  If one is clear enough or has moved through the dimensions required within their soul evolution, then there are experiences of awakening, empowerment and enlightenment that can’t be found anywhere else on Earth.  It is truly a spiritual center to the world and is one that I believe will eventually become a pilgrimage site to the true soul seekers that desire to transcend on Earth. 

Finding Your Paradise

There are two sides to the ideas of paradise.  There is the illusion of what many think is paradise.  Underneath this is a false belief system that opens up and causes much suffering and illusion for those that are involved.  There is then a paradise that is closer to the spiritual path.  It offers a connection to your Divinity and into the higher frequencies that expand throughout the universe. 

When one comes to the islands, they are often caught in the illusions of paradise.  For instance, many call Maui the island of 20 faces or call her the trickster.  And, most remain in this energy.  But in the secret spaces of exploration, the energy of the island holds a Divinity and truth not found anywhere else on the planet.  While the other Hawaiian Islands have a similar paradise feel and concept to them, they also hold unique energy in how it works to shake you of illusions and to begin you back on a journey to the Divine.

The Hawaiian Islands are paradise.  However, it can be paradise in any dimension you decide to live in.  They offer assistance with any level of transformation and awakening that you desire.  It offers a space to call home and to take a pilgrimage to as the spiritual center of the world.  For the shamanic seekers, it offers exploration into realms unknown.  It is a space where you can find home in the Divine and in your heart.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Healing the Feminine

By Brooke Hart
DSCF7208The 21st century woman is linked to many things that are associated with expectations, beliefs and “gender definitions.”  It is of such an interest that academics study it, it is related to the workplace and there are hundreds of case studies about things like “becoming objectified” or belonging to a gender.  While we may have moved forward from the past of women being home makers and being subjected to a life of belonging to a man, we have not necessarily moved into our own empowerment of being.  
I, like many women, have been through several circumstances that have questioned my gender, not just as being female, but also what it implies.  It’s not the definitions in academics that are important.  It’s the energetics of how women are treated and what is expected.  While there are many that associate with women being in power, there is still a sense of being objects or being in a specific social status.  This isn’t just in America, but also in places like India.  The difference is in how it is expressed by society.  The reflection behind this also leads into questions of how we can and need to move forward with becoming empowered as women and how men can assist women with support in becoming empowered and balanced in society.  
The Stories We Could Tell
healing the feminineIn order to function in society, we connect with men and build partnerships and relationships with them.  Ideally, this would lead to great partnerships, learning and community.  However, because of a group energy that this planet holds, the sacredness of being feminine and the empowerment of women is lost.  This group energy comes from the destruction of the woman in wars and historical manipulations that is passed on from generation to generation.  Every woman brought onto this Earth has this genetic code in their being, specifically because it is associated with our evolution as a species as well as a group karma that is trying to heal at this time.  When we begin to heal our feminine side, we contribute to healing the entire group karma that women hold at this time and that comes from generations of karmic patterns associated with the abuse of women.
I’ve been in endless situations with men in power or even socially where I have learned great lessons.  I’ve been involved with lessons based on manipulating women for sex with power as the basis.  I’ve been in many situations where men have taken advantage of me in business, specifically because they know that my position as a woman wouldn’t allow me to “deal” in certain ways.  I’ve gone through several instances of being sexually harassed in the workplace, many which I saw people turn their backs (quite literally) when they saw the circumstances.  I’ve been involved with cases of sexual abuse and relationships gone bad.  I could keep going, but you get the idea.
While these stories are somewhat of a rant or complaint, I also know that many women are nodding their heads and know that the stories I could tell are stories that they also associate with or could tell themselves, because it is a group karma.  I think it’s important that we all begin to look at the stories we could tell and the voices that are behind these.  It shows that there is a gap with women being associated with the Divine and a lack of realizing that the feminine is powerful.
Healing Toward Empowerment
healing the feminineWhile the endless stories have created somewhat of a gap for me in what I have been able to achieve in this lifetime, it has also led to my greatest healing and empowerment.  The first time I was in an extreme circumstance related to my sexuality, I began to heal.  Every time it has come up since then, I am forced into healing and rising like the Phoenix into something better.  Of course, this healing is releasing the old energies and separating from them.  However, I also realize that there is more to this.
An example of this healing comes from a recent situation where there were clear lines of discrimination in the workplace as a woman, including my boss asking if I would have sex with him.  The healing that has taken place is phenomenal.  It began with what I think many women move into, of feeling trapped and submissive to the situation without knowing what to do.  This may lead to a sense of feeling victimized.   
So I said something.  And, I said something again.  I continued saying things.  The interesting thing that happened – at first, I was ignored.  Then, I was sympathized with but nothing happened.  Now, the opening has led to people doing something about it.  More important, it has led to my feelings of being empowered and of recognizing that my feminine can be open and complete and that this doesn’t mean I need to be objectified.   
Until we can stop becoming victims as women and allowing things to occur to us by men, the same social standards of being objects for someone else’s sex games will continue.  The sexual manipulations and the low standards of how men perceive women will continue to disempower our being and our divinity.  More important, women will continue to become imbalanced in their being by becoming too timid, too weak, disempowered and by feeling as though they can’t or don’t have a contribution to make into the world.  Or, they may turn the opposite where the women becomes overly strong and “bitchy” toward men, almost like a rejection of the Divine Feminine.
The Divine Awakening of the Feminine
venus healingThe recognition of the Divine Feminine is the end goal on the path to healing the feminine.  When we are able to move beyond the social stigmas and into the feminine path of healing, we can begin to make contributions that will change the world while allowing each of us to be conscious, awakened and empowered.  When we move outside of being objects, being sexual prey or being abused and taken advantage of because of our sexuality, then we are not only on a path to healing, but also on a path to a Divine Awakening of the feminine.  
When you look at the myths of women and the goddesses of the Divine, you will notice that they hold certain powers and ways of being.  Venus holds beauty, Pele holds the power to create and destroy, all hold wisdom, many hold strength and vitality.  Just a side note, but in Hinduism, it is the Goddess Lakmi, an attribute of the Divine Feminine, that brings abundance and Good Fortune.  There are specific qualities of the Divine Feminine that are associated with the Divine Identity of a woman that is not attached to a certain karmic pattern.  
Women carry some, if not all, of these attributes, as well as many more.  It isn’t just a list – it is a way of being and living that can transform everything and bring our own state into complete consciousness.  Finding these qualities is what brings balance back into the world and helps us to awaken more and more into our own power.  
Being in the Power of the Divine Feminine
DSCF7249Women are the Shakti.  They have as much influence and wisdom as men.  They are the ones that can receive the wisdom and beauty and turn it into a larger truth.  
When women are empowered as the Shakti, the social issues and imbalances stop.  
To empower, we not only need to recognize the qualities of the feminine Goddess.  We also need to live it.  
I empower myself by the way I dress, recognizing that I hold the beauty of the Divine Feminine.  I empower myself by the way I speak, knowing it comes with wisdom, clarity and with what I see in my life.  I empower myself by the way I treat others, knowing that sometimes it requires compassion through truth and others it requires compassion through sympathy.  I empower myself by recognizing that I can create and destroy, not only a physical life, but also any other type of life form or idea on this planet.  
By living in this awareness and consciousness, I am able to change my world.  If something happens that is a social issue, I have the power to be completely healed and whole with how I respond, knowing that I can speak my truth and live a certain way without feeling threatened as a woman, specifically because the laws of the Divine is what overrides and reverses the karma of the planet.
Heal the feminine.  Be aware of your Divine Feminine power.  Be conscious of what your physical represents in the spirit.  Be the Shakti. This is what will awaken and heal the world.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Moving from Illusion to Truth

We are moving in certain ways in this world because we want to experience things.  One of the soul contracts that we have is to experience the physical - the dense.  We are given bodies to experience the physical and desire.  We are given careers, relationships and all of these things to experience them and to understand and fulfill our desires.

Our soul chooses to come here because we decide that we want to experience and desire these physical densities and life forms.  Many have the desire with things like clothing or relationships.  Others may have these things with customs and cultures that they are interested in creating.  You may see women who have children - and a lot of them.  Somewhere in their soul, they decided to come here because they wanted to experience the physical process of creating a child.  These come from our second chakra of desire, creation, money, pleasure and the experiences that we want to have in the physical plane.

The experiences that we have lead into something that is more substantial.  When we experience these things, whether it is fame or fortune, we move from an understanding of how important it is to it becoming an experience that we have moved through.  It is something that we have experienced, or something that is past.  Sometimes, we hold onto the past experiences or we try to re-create it.  We start to live in the pattern and the imprint of what was and what we experienced because of the physical pleasure and desire associated with it.  We try to make what is supposed to be a fleeting experience substantial.

The experience and desire that we have is fleeting.  It is a physical dimension that turns into an illusion.  It is the break of water that hits against the shore then moves back into the ocean.  It is there simply for us to learn lessons and to fulfill a certain wish or desire on the soul and spiritual plane.  It is not there to hold onto.  It is there to let go of.

When we let go of the experiences of desire and pleasure, then something else arises.  We have the ability to move into a stronger and more substantial reality.  This reality is one that we don't see.  It is the spirit and the soul and everything that exists in the beyond.  It is seeing things only with the eye of truth.  We can look beyond the desires and experiences and move into something that is deeper and wiser.

It is the truth that comes out of every situation that carves our path. This is the only thing that isn't fleeting.  The truth is something that isn't with honesty or with the cultural stigma of how things should or shouldn't be.  The truth is much deeper and comes specifically from spirit.

I always say that the truth in the universe is not the truth that is in our reality.  We often confuse the truth with cultural beliefs or with our mental capacity.  The truth is much  more expansive and looks at the soul and spiritual records to determine and distinguish different factors.  It is based on looking at scenarios and situations and seeing how the energetics interact within that dimension.

When we experience the truth, we carve out a path that leads back to our spirit.  We carve a path that leads to love.

The truth is based on love.  It is love.  It is what leads to love.  They are intertwined energetics that work together to create a reality that is experienced beyond the illusions and the pleasure and the pain that we may believe in.  When you find truth, you find love.  When you find love, you are on your way to a spiritual reality that is inclusive of the Divine.  

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Empowerment and Your Soul Blueprint

Maui empowerment program
Many times, I hear someone say to me, “I know that I am powerful.”  They may also say to me, “I have a lot of gifts to offer, I just have to get out there.”  Working in the field of marketing for 10 years has exposed me to this as a continuous quote where one is always looking at how to become empowered to fulfill their birth right or destiny.  It is something that resonates inside of them and which they continuously desire to reach. 

The soul blueprint is the spiritual DNA that outlines what we are able to do in this world.  You will recognize it because it is something you are passionate about or that resonates for you to do in this lifetime.  It gives us a destiny track that is based on what our soul and spirit wants to learn.  It is created specifically so we can empty ourselves of karma while continuing to develop into what we came here to create as spiritual beings. 
However, the soul blueprint is not a linear or one dimensional track.  There are endless possibilities of how this can move forward in our lives, dependent on the choices we make and how we decide to act in given situations.  Our soul then intelligently forms the track based on what we decide to do so we can continue to learn soul lessons. 

Reaching your highest destiny track and complete soul blueprint is dependent on becoming completely empowered.  As you empower yourself, you will be able to get closer and closer to your birth right and high destiny.  The life and times we live in often serves as a distraction from being empowered.  Instead of focusing on what our spirit wants or needs, we have to move into a career, raise a family, become educated, have enough money and even be entertained.  We are so busy doing the things that society tells us to do, that we often ignore our birth right and our highest destiny.  The result?  We become dis - empowered.
When you are empowered, you are aligned with your highest destiny.  Your soul purpose is completely expressed in human form.  The mind, body and the spirit are in agreement that you are doing what you came here to do.  This isn’t just in a high destiny.  It may be to dance or to dress nicely or even to start a business.  It is everything that the soul wants to create and experience in this lifetime.

The most important thing that we can do in our life is to become empowered.  To reach empowerment means to reach our highest destiny.  To reach our highest destiny means to offer our soul and spirit what they truly desire while providing a foundation with our body and mind at the same time so everything remains aligned.  It means recognizing that we are powerful because our spirit does want to express something and that it is a matter of offering our gifts and remaining aligned with this.  The more that we become empowered with everything we do while remaining in line with our spiritual purpose, the more we will reach and attain our own happiness and true sense of peace.  

Learn more by joining our Empowerment Program.  Click here for more information.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting Out of Your Fear

The past few weeks have led to an interesting transition in my life that I think would help others to learn about transition and change.  This is something I believe everyone is going through at some levels right now, especially with the transformation of the Earth.

At times, I've realized that I can't do things the same way that I have been.  I have to break out of patterns and create something new.  This continuous transformation leads to a birth and death cycle.  I often feel like I'm completely letting go of everything that I've known and that I'm exploring and discovering something that is different than the past.  This has led to new skills, new career paths and adventures that I would have never expected.

Even though the transition sounds fun when I write about it now, it isn't always.  Every time I (or someone I know), goes through a transition, whatever doesn't serve them comes up.  When looking at it energetically, it works like this... there is a low energy frequency that is trying to transmute or transcend to a higher energy property. This can only be done by letting it go, which is the actual spiritual death process that leads into a higher frequency or a rebirth.

The trick and the pain that often comes with this energetic transmutation is that it requires letting go of the known and stepping into the unknown.  The frequency that comes up often - fear.  It is a powerful lower frequency tool that we can use in fight or flight.  However, most of us have been trained into fear at deeper and more subtle levels that have nothing to do with safety but have to do with social patterning, generational influences and belief systems that don't serve.  This is one of the things that we have to overcome when we are transcending into higher frequencies.

This past month has been a personal transition for me where I'm experiencing the movement out of fear and into higher frequencies.  I've found myself realizing that the way that I work in my career no longer serves, leading to a natural transition of my customers out of being able to work with me.  The change in my vibration has further led to being pushed to move into a different location.  The transition and death out of things (while I can accept it at one level) has altered me to have to work through some things.

Here's an example.  While looking for a new space to live, I went into a deep sense of fear.  My transition in clients has led to a smaller budget for a space.  I was also only given a week notice that I had to move.  The illusion that was created - there wasn't anything available.  I panicked, and in that panic, went into a stop in my flow of everything.  Of course, because I had a belief system around my fear that nothing was open... nothing opened.  The beauty is that I worked through a lot of stories around my fear - about being homeless, not finding a place, not having enough money, etc.  Even more beautiful, stories started coming up relating to past experiences with others including family and friends, all centered around the concept of having a safe place to stay.

At the end of my rope - and two days before I had to move - I started to reach out more to my network.  This was also a part of the story that I had to get through so that I could trust others and not be in a state of fear with asking others for help.  Not only did my support system come through in networking me out for a place to live, but also gently reminded me that I was stopping my flow by being in fear.  Three times, I received the same message from my friends that if I altered that energy, it would create a shift in what became available, specifically by offering something that my heart really wanted.

The shift in myself all of a sudden changed my perspective where I realized that there were unlimited opportunities for me to move into the space that fit best for my needs.  That led to people contacting me about places to move into and also opened up ideal situations that wouldn't have happened.  And, what I knew, my support system and my trust and love for myself, wouldn't let me fall.   Only the power of my fear could stop it.  It was the shift in perspective out of fear and into love from others and myself that I was able to begin altering the energy.

Of course, the fear still comes up now.  However, I am now becoming powerful enough where I simply recognize it, breathe through it, find the roots of it and release it.  I am continuing to work through these wounds, but have an attitude around it that I'm fearless and supported completely by the universe.  It has created a completely different approach to trusting the unknown and what comes next.

If you would like to learn more about my insights, please read Digging to the Roots to Overcome Fear at the Omatrix Center.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Understanding the Power of Different Energies

When we speak about energy healing, energy medicine or working with energy, we refer to a very generalized idea based on what it means to work with energy.  Typically, we are in the ethers or in planes that are directly around the body or close to the higher self.  However, there are layers of discovery to energies and how it works within your life.  Each of these connects back to the Divine Power and the divinity that one holds inside of themselves.

My recent understanding of energy is shifting as I move deeply into the field of energy medicine.  My current undertakings are as an apprentice of Babaji Maharaj, founder of the OMATRIX Center.  The concepts that are held with my work are based on finding and exploring these different energies while understanding the power that each holds.

Energetic forms, through my current understanding, isn't based only on the concept of higher self, lower forms of energy, chakras or outside energies.  It moves into deep, geometrical patterns and sacred forms that each of us carry.  We each hold a unique blueprint that has the information and energies that we need for this lifetime.  Our job is to activate and awaken each of these while removing the energies that have been created, such as karma, that no longer serve us or that are not a part of the blueprint that is pure and of divine power.

Not only do we hold these sacred, geometrical forms within our own soul blueprint.  These each connect to different forms of divinity so we can express them when they are awakened.  Some may be expressed through abundance while others come within the form of joy.  The beauty that we have in this lifetime is to first awaken these different areas of blueprints and then to move into them with expressions in our lives, allowing us to ground what we hold in our energetic patterns and thought forms.  This allows the possibilities of expression to become endless and eternal with the way in which we learn about and understand the forms of divinity that are within us.

Whether your basis is in Reiki, bodywork, shamanism or even music with energy, challenge yourself to learn more.  Take an extra step to recognize that the energetic patterns that are available to us all are a continuous discovery.  It is a spiritual science that we are able to tap into and learn to bring into our own creation and expression of divine power throughout our lives.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Breathing Like You Mean It: Guest Post from Denise LaBarre

Today, Holistic Prosperity is proud to feature an alternative healer, Denise LaBarre.  LaBarre is the author of the book Issues in Your Tissues.  She integrates bodywork with emotional intuitive work, leading to profound breakthroughs for those experiencing her work.  Her book offers a profound and insightful way of looking at healing and the connection to mind - body - emotion from a new and evolutionary perspective.  Today's post is a part of her virtual book tour. To learn more about her work, visit Healing Catalyst.


If you’re like most adults, you breathe shallowly as a habit, pulling air into the tops of the lungs without letting your belly move in and out. As you became socialized, you learned to hold in your gut in order not to look fat, or baby-like, and to avoid feeling emotions that were too big or scary. This is ‘fight or flight” breathing, the kind of breathing you do when you are stressed. But once that shallow breathing becomes a habit, it actually perpetuates your stress.

Think about when you lift heavy weights. You hold your breath, and tighten your muscles as long as you can to keep you strong until you can’t stand it any more and you have to take a big breath and let go of the weight. If you want to be tight, hold your breath. If you want to relax, you breathe.

In my book, Issues in Your Tissues: Heal Body and Emotion from the Inside Out, I give you guidance and support to reset your breathing and feel more alive and energized through your day. Chapter One is entitled “Breathing Like You Mean It” and serves as the entry into the energetic riches you carry in your body. I teach you simple, practical techniques to expand your lungs by breathing into the belly and show you how you can breathe in the transitions of your day. Other chapters include: “Stress, the body’s “No”, “Funny You Should Say That- Intuition”, and “Healing is a Practice Sport.”

When you begin to breathe, you get out of your head and back into your body where your true aliveness is. I want you to experience the healing hook up physically, not just think about it. In my book, I tell you stories to get you to feel sad or tense or loving – and then re-mind you to breathe as you read and feel. I put a blessing on the book to reach people who need its message.

For true health, we need both rational and intuitive parts of ourselves communicating freely and working together. Issues in Your Tissues is a vehicle for that connection. It gives your rational mind enough understanding to let down its stranglehold and allow the intuitive healing insights to penetrate your awareness and effect real change. It is both a right brain and left brain book, dedicated to reconnecting your whole being: mind, body, emotion and spirit.

If you let it, Issues in Your Tissues will open you up. That is its magic, and its purpose. For real inner change to take place you have to FEEL something and not just think about it. That’s why my book is full of stories. Your inner child loves stories and learns best from them. What I have to say is intuitive, powerful and largely familiar. You read and think, “Duh!” I knew that!” You get inspired to feel within and allow the energetic changes that heal at a deep level.